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Discover the Benefits of Routine Tire Maintenance! (tires Ontario, NY)

Perhaps you aren’t too aware of what’s going on with your vehicle’s tires. Maybe you look to see if they are inflated once in a blue moon… but that’s about it. There is a lot more to tire maintenance than just being sure all four tires are filled with air and are actually moving you to where you need to go. At Phil’s Automotive (tires Ontario, NY) we know that tire maintenance is essential to your car just like the maintenance of everything under the hood.

One aspect of tire maintenance you need to think about is balancing the tires. If your vehicle starts to vibrate at speeds of over 40 miles per hour, you may need the tires balanced. If they go unbalanced and you continue to drive as you do, the tires will wear out and there will be extra strain on the wheel bearings. Once tires are balanced properly, the vehicle will run smoother and you will get better mileage.

It’s recommended that you get the tires of your vehicle balanced every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. Keeping track of the tire pressure is also an easy to do and easy to remember maintenance tip for car owners.

By doing small and regular maintenance tips, you not only lengthen the life of the tires, but you also protect other components of your car. Everything is interconnected. When one system or part is ignored or not maintained properly, the other systems or parts can begin to suffer the ill-effects too. If you haven’t thought much about tire maintenance and the benefits of doing these little things lately, now is the time to call Phil’s Automotive (tires Ontario, NY) and let us go over a few tips with you and get you situated.

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