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Don’t be Shocked by Shocks and Struts

Even if you aren’t a mechanic, you should be aware of the basic components of your car and know when certain parts need to be looked at. The shocks and struts on your car are vital for safe and comfortable driving. Your specialists at Phil’s (automotive repair Ontario NY) think you should know a few basics about shocks and struts for your own safety.

You should know the common signs that will tell you your shocks and struts may be in need of replacement. First of all, the shocks and struts are made to last for around 50,000 miles. After that, you may want to have them checked out. Some of the signs that your shocks and struts are going bad include: stiff or noisy steering, uneven tire wear, fluid leaks, corroded mounts, unstable braking, “nose-diving” forward when braking, loss of traction, and difficult control.

When struts and shocks start to wear, it can be dangerous to ignore. Your ability to steer freely and stop in an emergency (especially in poor weather) could be compromised. Other parts of your car will suffer also. Everything is connected and when one part starts to wear out, there is a ripple effect – forcing other parts to work overtime to compensate.

If you have noticed any of the above issues or have had your car for more than 50,000 miles, ask the experts at Phil’s Automotive (automotive repair Ontario NY) to check out the condition of your shocks and struts.

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