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Preventative Maintenance & Brakes

11804608_SEverything we own needs to be maintained. Imagine what would happen if we didn’t maintain our gardens, pools, or cars. We’d end up with a jungle, a swamp, and a junk yard. So what can we do to prevent little problems from escalating into larger problems?

Brakes are a vital part of your vehicle. Without proper brakes, you not only lose control of the vehicle, but you also put lives at risk. Understand the components that make up your brakes and what to look for if those components are starting to go bad. When it comes to brakes, staying on top of proper maintenance isn’t a choice.

The three basic parts of your brakes that need preventative maintenance are the rotors, brake lines, and wear indicators. First, the rotors will develop grooves as the pads wear down. If those grooves are not too deep, the mechanic will turn them around and reuse them. Second, the break line delivers fluid to the brakes. If there is a leak, you may notice fluid near the tire. In order to function correctly, your brakes need fluid to provide pressure. Any leaks or cracks in the line can be dangerous and should not be ignored. Last, the wear indicators, pieces of metal that are attached to the pad, wear down over time and will make a grinding noise that can’t be ignored.

Brakes should last for thousands of miles. Since some people are harder on their brakes than others, there is no definite mile point when brakes will need attention. While you tend to the garden and pool maintenance, be sure to keep up with preventative brake maintenance too. For any and all brake needs, maintenance, or questions, contact Phil’s Automotive (towing Ontario, NY).

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