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Air Conditioning / Heating

While vehicle A/C systems may be overlooked, nothing’s worse than driving around during a hot and humid summer in a vehicle that just cannot produce cold air. Phil’s Automotive specializes in A/C inspection and repair to keep your summer drives cool and refreshing.

Likewise, winters can be nearly unbearable when you car’s heating system isn’t functioning properly. A vehicle without the ability to warm up and defrost is no match for the freezing cold temperatures of an Upstate New York winter. That’s why Phil’s Automotive is prepared to repair A/C & heating systems that just aren’t fit for extreme weather conditions.

ac-diagramOur HVAC repairs include:

  • Radiators
  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Heater cores

Our Advice:

If your A/C system doesn’t cool your vehicle properly, it is unlikely that a refrigerant “touch-up” will be worth the investment. The proper way to address freon level is to perform a complete evacuation of the A/C system and then recharge the system to manufacture specifications.

Also, heating system problems can vary from bad heater cores, faulty thermostats, or electrical problems. Coolant quality and level are crucial for proper heating in a vehicle. Contact Phil’s for repair!