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Does your car seem to be pulling you towards one side on its own? Do your tires have excessive wear patterns? Those signs indicate that your vehicle needs alignment services. Phil’s Automotive has state of the art alignment equipment that can help you avoid unnecessary cost in gas or tire replacement by keeping your vehicle aligned properly.

Alignments can be related to tires, steering, or suspension issues. Check the diagram below for some images that will help tell you when your car may benefit from an alignment.


  • Preserve Tires – tire wear can be reduced when tires track straight and move in the same precise direction
  • Preserve Vehicle - unaligned wheels creates an uncontrollable ride that strains and could damage steering and suspension
  • Diagnose Vehicle – alignments help find bent / loose steering or suspension
  • Safer Drive - proper alignment provides a smooth, safe drive

Our Advice (when to get alignment):

  • Tire replacement
  • Steering repair
  • Suspension repair